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WNS Application and Tuition


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Vassar College has announced the tuition rates for the Wimpfheimer Nursery School for the 2018–2019 school year.

2018–2019 Tuition Rates
Program Time Cost
Community Families Half-Day Morning 8–11:30am $10,115
Full Day 8am–3pm $14,185
Vassar Families1 (parent(s) employed by Vassar) Half-Day Morning 8–11:30am $9,070
Full Day 8am–3pm $12,700
Extended Day Programs2 After School 3–5pm $3,700
The 3:00 Club 3–3:30pm $10/day
The 5:00 Club 5–5:30pm $10/day
  1. Vassar employees must use payroll deduction for tuition payments.
  2. Discounts are not applicable to extended day program

Second (third) child discount is 10% of the tuition owed for that child.